Yvona Jelinkova

Multi-Discipline, United Kingdom
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My works exist on the edge upon which the subtle meets the overwhelming via sense and experience.

My practice is concerned with the inarticulable in an attempt to communicate our abstract knowledge. Emerging through drawing and installation, the works exist on the edge upon which the subtle meets the overwhelming via sense and experience. The aim of this work is to enhance our understanding of (non)sense in the context of today’s age of information which fuels the ever-escalating conditions of social isolation and moral detachment.

Drawing inspiration and materials from photography, film, as well as genuine encounters, I seek to capture existing manifestations of the Sublime and attempts to convey a transcendence from our common everyday. Those ideas are expressed inexplicably; implied through interlinked fragments and forms, and through traces that illuminate signs of unrevealed significance. Influenced by studies in cinematography and critical perspectives of the media, I adopt techniques such as cropping and close-ups so that images are taken out of their original context and stripped of their identity with the aim of displaying our perplexing analytical processes through the inciting of confusion and curiosity.

A regular motif of my works are studies of the eyes. Looking eyes are often a symbol for a gateway. A gaze can speak of exchanges occurring behind the veil of the physical, surpassing the barriers of language as we often perceive it. It serves as a focal point of the fundamental human bonding process, but it is also a mirror, reflecting the underlying aspects of our inmost character and the unseen.

Drawing is a way of recording, marking, making an image from specks of dust. From the insignificant we might recognise a certain value or knowledge, just as from lines we can imagine form. The traces that surface through the act of drawing direct our perception of concealed realities.

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