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Priapus by Vincenzo Cohen

by Vincenzo Cohen

Painter, Italy

Oil Painting




Size: 50 × 100 × 2 cm

Edition Size: single production

Reference: The Twilight Collection



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The artwork represents Priapus, Greek-Roman deity and symbol of virility and fertility. Its cult dates back to the ancient Greece and it is believed to come from Anatolia. Born from the union of Zeus and Aphrodite, it would arouse the wrath of Hera, which for revenge would give the child a grotesque appearance and a giant phallus. Because of his appearance and sexual incontinence, Priapus was soon expelled from the Olympus mount.
In ancient Rome his cult is followed in the falloforie priapee long processions during which a mixture of water, honey and grape juice, representing the fruit of the divine seed, was poured on the fields propitiating the harvests. His divination was associated with the rural and bucolic world, the protection of flocks, bees and vegetable gardens. The phallic-shaped stones were in fact used to delimit the plots of arable land.
The work, performed by observing a model, was named this way for the position that recalls the act of fertilization. It represents the savage, the instinctive, the primitive, the beastly, the free from social conventions and superstructures.

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