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Medea by Vincenzo Cohen

by Vincenzo Cohen

Painter, Italy

Oil Painting




Size: 50 × 60 × 4 cm

Edition Size: single production

Reference: Portraits in red and grey



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The artwork was realized in 2014 and represents the figure of Medea, mythological character who gives the title to the famous Greek tragedy of Euripides. Medea is one of the most interesting female figures in Greek mythology. Described as an evil woman, Euripides gave her back her human face capturing in Medea the drama of despair that leads to madness. It represents the revenge of love and at same time the victim of betrayal. The drama of Medea is centred on the love for Jason, love that once betrayed, will push her to the tragic epilogue of the matricide. Endowed with human feeling Medea is however the heroine of suffering but also a being with a mysterious and divine origins: sister of Circe and cousin of Hecate; numerous episodes within the tradition refer to its magical arts.

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