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  • Desertification

by Vincenzo Cohen

Painter, Italy

Mixed media Painting




Size: 100 × 70 × 1.5 cm

Edition Size: single production

Reference: Marine Nature Collection


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The painting is part of the Marine Nature Collection, but differs from other works for its warm tones and the absence of water. The latter in fact, together with the title highlights the social message of the work. The torrid red hues that pervade the atmosphere express a sense of dryness and deprivation of natural resources, due to the effects of overheating. The gradual advancement of desertification is represented by a wasteland dominated by a Martian landscape in which there are no traces of life. Together with the artwork Drought is linked to the collection Extinction, referring to phenomena related to global warming such as desertification, the expansion of uninhabitable and unproductive areas and sterility of land.

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