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Alveo with pawprints by Vincenzo Cohen

Alveo with pawprints
by Vincenzo Cohen

Painter, Italy

Mixed media Painting




Size: 100 × 70 × 1.5 cm

Edition Size: single production

Reference: Marine Nature Collection



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The work is part of the Marine Nature Collection. Made by means of a material mixture based on plaster, stucco, granular sand and fine golden sand, it testifies to the process of erosion of things, from which no being is excluded. Footprints, traces, signs, impressions remain sealed on the surface at a relative time because they are subject to the flow of time and the effects of environmental erosion. Erosion of human and animal traces, but also of testimonies and past memories. Traces destined to disappear, sign of a passage that only art has the power to make eternal through memory.
Canid prints were used for the work construction.

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