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Abyss by Vincenzo Cohen

by Vincenzo Cohen

Painter, Italy

Mixed media Painting




Size: 70 × 100 × 1.5 cm

Edition Size: single production

Reference: Marine Nature Collection


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Abyss inaugurates the collection Marine Nature. The artwork  deals with the subject of the depths of the sea, of that sense of belonging to the water world  that binds us from birth. The depths of the seabed and the movements due to the sea currents are rendered through wide stretches of blue and turquoise. The ocean floor is represented in its three-dimensionality, with rocks, crevices and marine plant forms. The artistic technique consists in creating a materical mixture made with plaster, glue, sand, organic sediments like shells and inorganic substance of volcanic origin deposited on sea beds and ocean floor such as pumice stone and fine clay mixed with anthropic productions (ceramic fragments, wood) as remembrance of the history of the peoples who have sailed the Mediterranean (greeks, etruscans, romans, phoenicians).

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