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Painter, United Kingdom
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Based from her studio in the South of Edinburgh, Tracey Pacitti is a Scottish Artist known for her vibrant oil paintings in a variety of subjects including landscapes, seascapes, figurative work, flora and fauna.

She exhibits during the year and also accepts selected commissions. Buyers are very welcome to view work in her studio.

She paints instinctively, in a largely unconscious process, and feels that entire process of mark marking is as important to her as the finished painting.

She favours painting on coloured canvas using a broken colour technique to allow considered areas of the canvas to show through. This technique enables the colours to appear to shimmer or vibrate against each other, gives each piece a warm, vibrant and exciting quality.

The majority of her works are completed in oils however she also works in watercolour and mixed media.

Her work is in private collections across in the UK, Europe and the United States and has appeared in a number of magazines.


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