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"You have Shoshin." ---some jerk

tdav [ like, "teh-DAHv"]
[or alternately, Tim Davey, but that name sucks and sounds stupid]

I started painting around the age of 25, as soon as I got sick of doing drugs an throwing rocks at trains passing by up the street from my apartment.

I'm gonna be super famous n shit someday (I know this for certain cuz my partner can see into the future, and he told me so)

So, until the second time in my dumb life rolls around in which I'm promised a big fat PAYCHECK, from some OTHER lawyer guy who wants to use my art to decorate his sickening freezing cold oxygen-deprived lawyer office in Downtown Boston and proly for a second time has me meet him at some fancypants downtown restaurant / Platinum Club lounge / vampire tomb, in order to grab that paycheck and then the dumbass door guy won't let me in cuz my clothes violating their dress ---fuckyoudoorguy--- and then the Mr. Private Practice tries to shave $200 off the price he agreed to cuz he gotta come down to Providence to get it lol, gfy....

Well yea until that time comes around again, or until I get eternal immortalizing Monet-level recognition for giving bright colors and weird shapes to my manic/psychotic episodes

Im just keep on living my best life and go see what delicious pastries Seven Stars Bakery has thrown out in the dumpster in the back lot after they close up the shop.


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