Rifat Ara Mim

Painter, Bangladesh
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I have been drawing ever since I can remember. To me, art is the essential language to describe actions and emotions that comes just before catastrophe. I am looking for the boundary, where safety and fear lies together. I was born and brought up in Bogura, Bangladesh. I had started Art College in 2011 and the academic approach of art seemed to be influencing all of my works. After completing pre-degree course of Bachelor of Arts (BFA) in 2013, I had decided to leave my academic pursuit to attain more freedom to think and not to get guided by any dogma or norms. Therefore, I had started practicing as a freelancer and joined several group exhibitions after that.

I am strongly influenced by artist Francis Bacon. While I was travelling in Europe in 2019, I have seen his works at Tate Britain. Through his works, I have realized that a painting is more than a painting and that made me to create sensual human figures projecting raw emotions.

I do care about trials to use my capacity as an artist. I feel the essence of humanity, when I look at a great portrait painted by Rembrandt. I think applying colors on canvas is a performing art. In front of a burnt umber, basic coated canvas, I always feel that I am lost. This emotion of mine is directly connected with the feeling that I feel every morning, when I start my day. I feel that we are all consumed within in favour of our flesh, we are taking breakfast as a fuel for our flesh, earn a living to nourish our flesh, looking for safety to protect our flesh or rape, do crime, and kill for flesh; punish, sacrifice living flesh. As a woman, I know how much flesh I am carrying, when someone looks at me as an object, treats me as an object. I always take red as a symbol of “scream” and apply the colour with my hands on canvas as if I am searching for myself within. I do not act clever when I paint, I do not look for corrections because I know how my emotions are mixed with my paintings. I think an artist's integral spirit is honesty and commitment. I think commitment is important as because the more we work the more we develop and I just want to improve.

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