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In Out by Juan Canals

In Out
by Juan Canals

Painter, Spain

Mixed media Painting




Size: 24 × 30 cm



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Painter and collage on paper.

In out. Painting on paper year 1999-2018.
On many occasions, to date the majority. My works are the result of accumulating layers of paint, of works that come and go many times from the portfolio of unfinished works.
On many occasions, not always, I write down the dates of the intervention on the back of the work. Some works have remained before being concluded for more than a decade in this intermediate state. Others are cut into pieces and are part of a new territory, of a larger paper canvas, Many works grow in thickness of layers of paint, others also on the surface, there is a need not to waste anything intervened or worked on, it is not a question of ecology, if not more of a wanting to retain those times that we lived, they were never enough.

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