Ioana Todor

Painter, United States
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Ioana Todor is a Romanian-born American artist based in Palm Beach Florida. Inspired by the love of artists' work such as Miro, Twombly, and Franz Kline, Ioana enrolled in art classes at Boca Raton School of Art and the Delray Beach Creative Art School in Palm Beach Florida. The foundation of her work is in the balancing of color and texture which allows the viewer to experience the artwork as a meditative yet dynamic space. Ioana relies on her meditation practice to create art and she feels that her work is an intuitive, visual soul regression that deals with feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories. Ioana's paintings are typically composed of multiple layers of acrylic which are painted through multiple stages, evolving with layers upon layers added and joined in increasing complexity. Through her paintings, Ioana uses texture to evoke the complexity of the human soul and hopes to enable the viewer to experience the healing of emotional wounds from past experiences. Ioana's work aims to offer soul-changing resolutions that are outside of our conscious awareness. Her paintings are in collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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