Elisabeth Veerbeek

Painter, Netherlands
Elisabeth Veerbeek
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Art is meeting life in a sensitive manner and expressing how it touches us

Elisabeth has studied art at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. "My art represents my vision and contemplation's about life, about the essence of it and how we can perceive that essence.
Who are we beyond the physical? Knowing who we are gives us a glimpse of our potential. Liberation of our limiting convictions helps us to bring out our potential. It makes us grow. That's what drives me. With my art I aspire to energize you, to bring your attention inward, to give you a sense of the spirit and beautiful soul that you are so that it liberates you. To feel the magnitude of life despite our pain, to feel truly alive. This is what painting does for me. I know.... I'm a driven dreamer."

Elisabeth is sensitive to energy and color which influenced her art strongly. If you think that makes her art soft you're in for a surprise. She has a dynamic and bold way of painting and she has a vibrant expressive colour palette.
Abstract painting brings her the freedom she seeks to express the unseen. Elisabeth is a painter and she teaches both art and mediumship.
Elisabeth had exhibitions in 'The Pontonnier' in Dordrecht, The Monestry in Breda, Zuidplein Theatre in Rotterdam, Galerie Kralingen in Rotterdam all in the Netherlands.
From 2012 until 2019 she worked on many commissions.
Since 2020 she concentrates on her free art.


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