Cleo Stoutzker

Painter, United Kingdom
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"The truth of the work is arrived at in the processes and moments of making" - William Kentridge

I am currently studying painting at Edinburgh college of art, although I would classify myself as a painter I have an interest in print making and photography with the varying processes informing and expanding one another.
Image making allows me to translate a feeling or experience into a new consolidated form, my works are therefore a continuation of memory as I try to understand and decipher a way in this world. Nature and the feelings roused from being in a natural landscape are also central to my work whether evident or subliminal.
My paintings are as much about process as they are about subject. The initial photograph, then the canvas, the wash of gesso, gouache, oil pastel, oil paint, charcoal. These elements are all protagonists within my practice and I look to understand them as I do subject. Process is my base and realising meaning comes second.

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