Ariel Chavarro Avila

Painter, United Kingdom
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I am an environmental contemporary minimalist artist working with Oil and Watercolour

In 1970 Ariel Chavarro Avila was born in the Central Andes Mountains in Colombia. His love for nature, art and colour began as a little child. He attended both the Fashion Design School Arturo Tejada Cano followed by Universidad de los Andes where he specialised in Fine Arts and he became a Master in Fine Arts in 2017. In 2000 Ariel moved to Madrid, Spain where he continued to exhibit in Europe. In 2013 Avila went to live and to exhibit from London, U.K. to worldwide. Ariel has been collaborating with art galleries, art curators, art dealers, museums and foundations across the globe. Chavarro has been campaigning to plant millions and billions of trees everywhere.

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