Almudena Torró

Sculptor, Spain
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My work is more than an act of liberating the soul, I feel and hear deep emotion, almost like a whisper of the intangible. I create shapes and volumes where there the enigma of light emerges along with its shadow becoming a changing compositional element.

What I seek through the metal mesh is the expressiveness of vacuum transforming it into a means of expression. My research is based on the space-light relationship and its projected shadows that become changing compositional elements, on the "ethics and aesthetics" of diversity and on the essentialist search for formal and technical simplicity.

My sculptures are experiences that I have lived; they are part of me, of my soul, where the beholder is the co-creator of the final result of the work. I work with abstraction, both occurrence and creative process being relevant, united partially with chance with which I spontaneously correct and decide through dynamic action.

With the Trails Series, I aim to express the passing of life, with its decisions, entering a world of sensations that create a transformation or evolution to get to know your primal essence, and with the Jumble Series, the pain of death in the dual sense of loss, on the one hand of the loved one, and on the other of oneself.

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